A 6-week small group intensive course that sets aspiring C-Suite executives up to move into their next promotion with ease.


Here's what I know about you...


You are a dedicated corporate leader.

You’ve accomplished amazing things, worked really hard, and have consistently gone above and beyond in your current position.

You’re happy where you’re at, but you know you were built for so much more.

You’ve spent years working toward this exact moment. 

The moment when you land the big promotion of your dreams.

You know how to do a great job and you want to reach that next level, but you don’t know what steps you need to take and you don’t want to keep waiting around.

I designed Executive Ahead of Time to help corporate leaders like YOU access the skills, confidence and unparalleled support you’ll need to reach a higher level executive position.


Diana received a promotion and a whole lot more!

“Stacy is very quick to understand the internal and external circumstances around an individual that affect their professional well-being and development. She breaks down a situation, so it’s easy to reflect on it and figure out where the attention should be given. I worked with her for only 6 months to structure my growth strategy, and I got my promotion and a whole lot more!”

Chief Financial Officer


Executive Ahead of Time is the only executive coaching program that not only shows you exactly how to advocate for your next promotion WITHOUT spending years stuck in the same place --- but how to be successful once you get there.

This is not your average career development program.


Why Executive Ahead of Time is different! 

You will learn how to think and communicate like a c-suite executive so you can take on that new role with ease!

You will be held accountable for your growth and development with our Facebook group and incentives!  

You will learn from others and connect with those who are on the same journey as you so you can continue to work your way to the top!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside
Executive Ahead of Time

This program includes 6 modules, which are strategically designed to help you build the executive mindset necessary to get (and keep) your next big promotion .

Module 1: Getting Out of the Weeds—You will learn my top strategies for getting out of the weeds and onto the path to your next big promotion.

Module 2: 3xing Your Vision—You will learn how to effectively build a big, bold, inspiring vision for the future of your career (no more playing small!).

Module 3: Managing Emotions—You will learn the basics of creating a C-Suite mindset so that you handle any difficult situation that arises along the way.

Module 4: Building Trust—You will master the top communication skills all executive leaders to be MUST possess, PLUS how to avoid the top communication mistakes I see even Vice Presidents make All. The. Time.

Module 5: V2MOM—You will learn to set goals that are aligned with your values so you can stay true to yourself as you move into the executive suite.

Module 6: C-Suite Mindset—You will learn how to effectively measure and track your progress while you’re on the path to your next promotion and beyond.


A Small Example of My Private Coaching Client Success Stories

Received a 12% pay increase!

“The impact and tangible outcomes far exceeded my expectations.”

Project Manager

Promoted to COO!

“I achieved a huge professional goal and accepted an executive leadership position with a local investment firm.”

Creative Operations Leader

Landed a C-Suite position at a new company!

“Instrumental in finding within me that next level.”

Chief Financial Officer

Got a seat at the table!

“[Stacy] will become your biggest supporter and give you the tools and confidence needed to tackle any situation”

Vice President, Human Resources

Became a role model for her organization!

“I have seen myself transform in new ways that allow for growth past my preconceived notions of myself and my limitations.”

Vice President, Sales

Leveraged his network!

"Making difficult decisions becomes a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by support and not just operating in a silo."

Vice President, Technology

Here’s a look at all of the incredible resources you will get! 

  • 6 comprehensive modules so you can enter that c-suite executive mindset with ease! (Value: $2500) 
  • Weekly LIVE training with coaching sessions and toolkits! (Value: $2500)
  • Weekly community roundtable discussions! (Value: $1000)
  • Access to our Facebook group with incentives! (Value: $500)

Plus, you will get access to these amazing bonuses! 


  • Interview Mastery: Learn how to interview with ease and land the position of your dreams! (Value: $800)
  • Pre-Training: Get access to training before the program even begins! (Value: $400)


That’s an incredible value of $7200!

Get access to Executive Ahead of Time today to get on the road to corporate leadership success! 


Your Investment:


Next Cohort Begins January 20th!

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You might still be on the fence. I get it. These are some of the top questions I’m asked about this program, and maybe you’re wondering the same. 


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Executive Ahead of Time is right for you if:

  • You are committed to serving your company and want to perform at your best! 
  • You’re eager to put in the work so you can continue to move up the corporate ladder! 
  • You want to see your hard work pay off with a new position, a greater income, and more benefits overall! 
  • You know that you are capable of being successful in your career, but you need a little bit of support getting there! 
  • You have the passion and drive to invest six weeks of your life into your career!

Still unsure?


I want you to take a moment and think 

about what could be in your future…


Imagine what you could do with the next best title. 

Imagine what you could do with your life if you were getting a higher salary.

Imagine all of your hard work FINALLY paying off. 

Imagine reaching the next level and continuing to move up. 

If this is something you want to experience, I have the perfect opportunity for you. You are just the person I’m looking for!

If we haven’t met yet - I’m Stacy Mayer, 

Promotion Strategist and Executive Coach

I created this program to help powerhouse corporate leaders just like you reach their full potential. I know you’re capable of working at the next level, and I know you have the abilities to get there. The problem is that you don’t know exactly what steps you need to take. That’s why I created this program. Now, I want to walk you through the exact process you need to follow.


Next Cohort Begins January 20th!

Join the Waitlist to Gain Early Access