A Life-Time Access Group Coaching Program for Powerhouse Corporate Women

Here's what I know about you...


Your team loves you and you get above average performance reviews.  


Yet it still feels like the executive team doesn't know you are in the room. 


But here is the thing:


You want to make a bigger impact at work.  


You know you are ready to reach that next level.


You simply aren't sure which steps to take and you don't want to keep waiting around. 


Executive Ahead of Time helps powerhouse corporate women like YOU access the skills, confidence, and unparalleled support you'll need to reach a higher level executive position.

Received a promotion and an offer to join a new company!

“When I first decided to hire [Stacy] I felt like I had done all the right things that were obvious in my career, but I was left wondering - was there something intangible that was hindering me and my career growth.  I found that having an unbiased person to help me see what I needed to adjust had a big impact on my professional life. As a result, I got a promotion. And I found a new position that I'm moving into.

Senior Director, Business Development

This is not your average career development program.

Why Executive Ahead of Time is different!


  • The only complete step-by-step program to get you to the next level in your career. 

  • I distill all of the techniques I give to my senior executive clients.

  • You will see results in the first week!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside 
Executive Ahead of Time!


This program includes 6 core training modules, which are strategically designed to help you build the executive thinking and communication skills necessary to get (and keep) your next big promotion.

Module 1: Getting Out of the Weeds
We’ll dive into my top strategies for getting out of the weeds and onto the path towards your next big promotion.

Module 2: 3xing Your Vision
You will learn how to effectively build a big, bold, inspiring vision for the future of your career (no more playing small!).

Module 3: Managing Your Emotions
Get the most effective tools and strategies to manage your emotions so you can speak up AND actually be heard.

Module 4: Building Trust
Understand how to build trust with the executive team AND show them that you’re ready to lead at a higher level. 

Module 5: Holding Yourself Accountable
You'll receive the tools to not only create a plan to move into an executive position, but you'll also know how you can hold yourself accountable along the way.

Module 6: Executive Thinking
You will have everything you need to effectively measure and track your progress while you’re on the path to your next promotion – and beyond. 

Got a seat at the table!

“[Stacy] will become your biggest supporter and give you the tools and confidence needed to tackle any situation”

Vice President, Human Resources

Became a role model!

“I have seen myself transform in new ways that allow for growth past my preconceived notions of self limitations.”

Senior Vice President, Sales

Promoted to Senior Director!

“Executive Ahead of Time is the best investment I’ve made in myself to date.”

Senior Director, Change Management

Here’s a look at all of the incredible resources you will receive lifetime access to! 

  • Core Training Modules and Toolkits: Over 24 training videos strategically designed to show you how to think and communicate like an Executive Leader, so you can move into that next promotion with ease! 
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Stacy: Every week you'll receive personalized coaching on the training modules so you can begin applying the steps immediately to your unique situation.
  • Weekly Community Roundtables: Hop onto these intimate sessions to receive support from your peers and discuss the challenges you are facing within your current work environment. 
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Community: Join a network filled with fellow executives who will lift you up, cheer you on, and give you feedback on your journey. 

Plus, you will get access to these amazing bonuses! 


  • Interview Mastery: The most successful executives are always interviewing. Whether it is just to see what is available or to give themselves tools to negotiate their own contracts.  Learn the top must have techniques/skills to make sure your interviews are as impactful.   
  • Be Seen as a Thought Leader:  Becoming a thought leader in your community is not only the most rewarding job you could ever have, it also positions you as a valuable asset to your organization.  Learn what it takes to stand out as a thought leader and how to leverage those valuable opportunities. 

Took back control of her career!

[Executive Ahead of Time] gave me such a sense of empowerment.  Over the course of the program, I recognized that my career is in my hands, and with some intentional thought, planning and tools that I didn't have at my disposal before this, I can be more interactive in this process.

Director of Technology

Gain access to Executive Ahead of Time today and get on the road to a senior executive leadership position! 

Get Lifetime Access For $2000


Executive Ahead of Time is right for you if:


  • You are committed to your professional development and to performing at your best! 

  • You’re eager to put in the work so you can continue to move into a senior level executive position! 

  • You want to see your hard work pay off with a new position, a greater income, and more recognition overall! 

  • You know that you are capable of being successful in your career, but you need support getting there! 

  • You have the passion and drive to begin deliberately managing your career!

Renewed her confidence and reinforced her desire for more!

"I’m someone who likes to be all-in wherever I’m working, and Executive Ahead of Time helped me get back on track. I now feel like I have a better roadmap for moving up in my career."

Senior Director, Business Development


You might still be on the fence. I get it. These are some of the top questions I’m asked about this program, and maybe you’re wondering the same. 

Get Lifetime Access for $2000



  • What you could do with the next best title. 

  • What you could do with your life if you were getting a higher salary.

  • All of your hard work FINALLY paying off. 

  • Reaching the next level and continuing to move up. 

If this is something you want to experience, then you are just the person I’m looking for!

Received a significant pay increase!

“The impact and tangible outcomes far exceeded my expectations.”

Associate Director

If we haven’t met yet - I’m Stacy Mayer, 

Certified Executive Coach and Promotion Strategist on a mission to bring more diversity to the leadership table by getting 1000 corporate women and male minority leaders promoted into senior executive positions each year worldwide.

I coach undervalued corporate leaders to scale themselves into senior level executive positions using repositioning strategies that build your confidence and visibility, so you can earn the recognition and support you need from key stakeholders while embodying your unique leadership style.

I created Executive Ahead of Time to help powerhouse corporate leaders just like you reach their full potential. I know you’re capable of working at the next level, and I know you have the abilities to get there. The problem is that you don’t know exactly what steps you need to take. That’s why I created this program. Now, I want to walk you through the exact process you need to follow.

Get Lifetime Access for $2000

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